Solo Leveling Chap 93

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Milf 00:46 - 11/14/2019
I need more pls
BearForceOne 02:36 - 11/14/2019
So is goto scared because someone is stronger than him or is it because he can actually sense all the shadows?
evaei 03:17 - 11/14/2019

@BearForceOne I think he thinks he might be dead if he fights any longer

Slark deep 04:20 - 11/14/2019

@BearForceOne I think he sensed the shadows and he felt afraid. I also dont know if i remember correctly but im almost sure he has a fear aura.

Derp Derp 04:22 - 11/14/2019


You might find out why in next chapter when they show how he pisses his pants unless if they skip that part from LN/WN/whatnot

ff bj 02:38 - 11/14/2019
Lmao he almost shit his pant. Saved by the bell.
Angelo Cadalay 03:02 - 11/14/2019
emoWhy!!!!! You cut it in to the best part of it emo
tomas uhrich 07:30 - 11/14/2019
i need more this is my new adiction
Mark Salazar 09:28 - 11/14/2019
Wow... Crazy that's so cool plz... More...
Jan Airos 17:18 - 11/14/2019
When i read this chapter i feel the pressure of their fight. What an action fight scene
Jan Airos 17:19 - 11/14/2019
When i read this chapter i feel the pressure of their fight. What an action fight scene im really excited for the next chapter.
Reaper Grim 22:42 - 11/14/2019
am waiting for the mc to meet his father
Abdul Mohamedali 09:02 - 11/20/2019

@Reaper Grim lmaooo he went to get some cigarettes and never came back

jhon castro 22:49 - 11/14/2019
JohnWickLookingAss 11:17 - 11/15/2019
God Tier Moments
brice rob 11:34 - 11/16/2019
how often are these uploded?
kaan futeki 09:29 - 11/20/2019
Usually every Wednesday (late at night).
Sol Iceshifter 08:40 - 11/19/2019
This comic lead me to read the novel.
I will still keep reading this comic for the illustration alone, regardless of the amazing story.
weissfudherr 09:05 - 11/19/2019

@Sol Iceshifter any site in particular to read the novel ?

kaito 08:40 - 11/30/2019
hahahahahaha mere ants standing in the way of the monarch